At CURA, you will experience an positive wok culture that affords 250+ employees respect while expecting quality work every day. Our positive work environment often encourages collaboration. The management team trusts the experience and decision-making of our employees, allowing them to take on new projects as part of our overall “Growth, Innovation and Reach” business strategy. Our employees find the environment motivating, feel a greater sense of loyalty to the company and increased satisfaction with their jobs.

Be part of a great work environment

CURA is able to deliver excellent products and service levels, to our clients, by bringing together highly talented people in a creative, collaborative environment. It is this environment that makes daily challenges enjoyable and rewarding, and is one of the reasons why CURA is an excellent place to work. As part of our commitment to driving high employee engagement, we listen to what is important to our employees, celebrate and act upon opportunities to make CURA an even greater place to work. You are more likely to enjoy coming to work at CURA and work hard in an environment that supports, respects and values your efforts. The staff at our factories and corporate offices feel a connection with one another that goes beyond simply working together. Each employee’s strengths are emphasized to make the company more productive and efficient.

Work/Life Integration: Optimizing work, family and personal life

Without a doubt, the quest to optimize work, family, and personal demands is challenging in today’s super-charged world. At CURA, we strive to provide the tools that support all of our employees to help them attain a sense of balance between their personal and work lives. We have a very supportive culture – one where you will always feel part of a team. Many of CURA’s employees have had lengthy careers within the organization; some having been here for over 15 years. Even in today’s fancy trend of short-tenured careers, we’re are proud of our low attrition rate. We think this is a reflection of the work we do and the people who keep the work environment interesting.