CURA launched country’s first Digital Radiography system. CURA has always been in the vanguard in bringing revolutionary products and solutions for Imaging Diagnostics specialists. DReam, thus bringing first of its kind, digital x-ray solutions.

DR system manufactured by CURA is CE certified thus matching international standards of quality and safety.

The first solution rolled out from the facility, DReam, has been successfully installed in key institutes across the country. DReam is a patented design DR system which suits all healthcare provider needs. The debut of DReam with its versatile design to the healthcare industry overcomes the existing limitations and meets all the requirements of general radiography.

DR systems are AERB compliant for installations in India. These systems are clear evidences to CURA’s engineering expertise and ability. Over 80+ large and successful installations showcase CURA’s leadership in the Digital Radiography space and its ability to provide effective after sales service and support.

The facility and work space is Green Environment compliant.

The following are the areas where CURA has excellence: Value – SonoScape, Premium – Vinno and Anesthesia – eZono.

With the acquisition of DE Healthcare, which is well known for its ultrasound DNA, CURA offers a complete range of innovative Ultrasound solutions with advanced applications, innovative features and affordable life cycle costs.

CURA offers comprehensive range of Ultrasound and Color Doppler solutions. It has successfully installed over 1500 systems across India. Be it value, premium, cardio or anesthesia, CURA addresses every need of the clinician.

CURA strongly believes in the philosophy of “customer gets customer” and hence has a focussed team of ultrasound application specialists, and service engineers to cater to customers across geographies.

CURA has expanded its product portfolio with Critical Care devices segment and stepped into the new segment through its acquisition of Concept Integrations in 2014.

Concept Integrations, a CURA company, has been engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of versatile and reliable biomedical systems.

The new entity will engage in research and development of innovative yet cost effective solutions for India and emerging markets in cardiac and critical care.

The Centre of Excellence facility, Seal of Trust, is spread over 30,000 sq.ft., and is engaged in serving the world’s best high-end, pre-owned imaging equipment such as CT, MRI, Mammo and BMD close at hand. This is the only pre-owned equipment facility in India which is ISO 13485certified and AERB compliant.

CURA Healthcare is the only Indian company which has installed 3 Tesla superconducting MRI which speaks of its service capabilities. With close to 65 MRIs installed across India, CURA enjoys customer’s patronage for pre-owned MRI equipments. CURA pioneers in end to end MRI project execution and service support during product life cycle. The highly equipped professionals help in site selection to magnet selection to application and service support thus providing 360 degree support.

With over 50 experts who go extra mile to ensure that all equipments are backed by unbeatable services and support.

While the products performance is maintained as per original equipment manufacturer specifications, we strive hard to ensure that the service exceeds the expectations. The best-in-class after sales service support include warranty, specification and performance matching original equipment.

We adhere to COCIR framework.

CURA has partnered with Oxford Instruments, USA for X-ray tubes repair, diagnosis and testing. Facility boasts of productivity of over 200 X-ray Tubes per year with 99% conversion rate of defective X-ray Tubes.

The CoE is the first in India with plasma technology for X-ray Tube & PCB testing and services. The technology facilitates Plasma seasoning for Corona Damage Removal inside the insert; predict assessment of X-ray Tube Arc, supports testing and service of all types of X-ray Tubes including 2MHU, 3.5 MHU and 6.3 MHU.

The CoE, Seal of Trust has invested heavily in PCB testing and servicing. The centre undertakes all types of PCBs for CT, Mammo, BMD, DMR/DMR plus, DR and MRI. At present, the capacity is to turnaround over 750 PCBs per annum.

Our objective is to extend the designated life of the system, thus serving more people.

Adhering to a stringent policy of equipment selection, we bring time tested products through reputed sources. We assure 100% reliability on equipment and maintain product and service standards as per original equipment manufacturer specifications. Apart from this, we offer an adequate inventory of spares and ensure 24*7 support to all our customers.

We clean everything professionally for any kind of infectious disease as well as for the old hospital data on the system. While system software is upgraded to its latest version, in order to improve the reliability of the system, all required field modifications are also done. We remove all dust & rust completely.

We adapt layers of process to improve the eventual system performance. Well-experienced and qualified professionals are involved in de-installation, rigging & packing, though the process is expensive, the idea behind is to bring quality equipment in safe condition.

All functions and specifications are thoroughly checked by professionals before despatched. Our professional team work along with the customer in planning and commisioning of the equipment in time.

On installation, complete familiarity of equipment to the customer will be made by our Application specialist. Thus, through a systematic process, we ensure safety and effectiveness of the medical equipment without significantly changing the performance of equipment or system.

Research & Development creations include Patient Monitoring Systems, Reprocessing Systems and Breast Thermography Devices.

CURA fosters the state-of-the-art technological innovations with 20 member team focusing on applied research. The persistent pursuit of the Research and Development has resulted in new innovative devices, that have been commercialized.

Key Highlights:

  • 5 Patents Filed
  • Finalist in CAMTECH 2014
  • DSIR Certified
  • European Society of Radiology – ECR 2011 poster on ASPI

At CURA, we believe our happiness lies in the joy of our customers, and hence, we ensure them the confidence to make the world a healthier place to live in.

We are efficient, agile and responsive to the needs of all our customers. We always find joy and pride in going an extra mile to make our customers happy. Our services do not stop with delivering products, but we ensure all support in delivering our customers with clinical precision, diagnostic confidence and make sure patients experience a seamless comfort during diagnosis and treatment. Any service challenge will be well taken care of by our highly-qualified, well-trained service personnel. Our happiness lies in delivering quick, intelligent and confident solutions to our customers.

Call us at any time any day @ our toll free number: 1800 419 0247.