The First in India – Plasma Technology for X – Ray Tube Testing & Services

Only ISO 13485 certified facility & AERB compliant facility

COE for X-Ray Tubes Repair, Diagnosis and Testing

  • Technology Partnership with Oxford Instruments, USA for X – Ray Tube Service
  • Comprehensive CT X – Ray Tube seasoning with a capacity to produce around 200 tubes/year
  • 99% conversion rate of Defective Tubes
  • Guaranteed up time of minimum 95%
  • Optimal Equipment Maintenance Cost
  • Repair turn around within 48 hours

The Plasma Technology Differentiator

  • Plasma Seasoning for Corona Damage Removal inside the insert.
  • Predictive Assessment of X – Ray Tube Arc failure to extend the tube life.
  • Facilitates all types of CT X – Ray tube Repair – 2 Mhu, 3.5 Mhu and 6.3 Mhu tubes.
  • Automated Process for Oil Extraction and Refilling.
  • Oil Di-Electric Strength verification and certification.
  • Independent Technology Team for testing of X – Ray tube in the equipment.

PCB Repairing and Servicing

  • Fully integrated facility for PCB repair and Testing.
  • Environment compliant with EN ISO9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012.
  • Undertaken repair for all types of PCB’s – CT, Mammomat, BMD, DMR/DMR Plus, DR, MRI.
  • Reverse Engineering using the signals of the components facilitated by Qmax and Huntron.
  • Highly skilled and competent PCB engineers performing the repair work.
  • Over 750 Plus boards Turn Around per Year.
  • Supporting over 450 plus installation base.
  • Methodical Identification and Traceability system that quarantines defectives.

Technology Knowledge Management System

  • Library of tools for Pre-installation, installation, PMS and Monitoring the key events of the equipment.
  • Archived “Issues and Resolutions” – to arrive at quicker decision on the cause.
  • On-line Support by Product Technology managers for every call.
  • One touch based access to the History of issues and resolutions with a powerful Query Engine.
  • Knowledge Share across Domains & Regions making the engineers empowered.