Imaging Solutions

CURA offer reliable Imaging Solutions that supports your clinical examinations. They offer enhanced viewing experience together with clinical accuracy and confident diagnosis. Move ahead with the revolutionary new technology DR imaging systems with reduced radiation rate that has earned the trust of healthcare professionals.

Digital Radiography (DR)
CURA brings indigenously manufactured, CE certified DReam DR systems for varied applications. Our highly efficient Dual detector system support your large volume of patients at peak hours. DReam ERA is a patented design DR system customized to our country as well as emerging markets of the world. The DReam range of DR system is designed to address the limitations and deficits in the existing analog based x-ray systems.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Continuously focused on finding ways to saving lives with superior product innovations, extended reach and service excellence, CURA is committed to bring you affordable, high-quality MRI imaging systems. Quality, accessibility, responsiveness and attentiveness coupled with highest uptime and least life-cycle cost make CURA the most preferred brand among the Imaging diagnostic specialists.

Gamma Camera
Dual Head ECAM SPECT whole body Gamma Camera from MiE Germany. Most user friendly design, Variable Angle for Cardiac, Auto Body Contouring, Easy Collimator change, SCINTRON application software.

CURA offers advanced mammography solutions for the early detection of breast cancers. With options to process images with desired variations of brightness and contrast, it also facilitates real-time image acquisition. Our mammography products takes full advantage of the digital technology, from screen image display to networking, filming, archiving etc., and provides outcomes at a reasonable price.

illumina 360°
illumina 360° for breast imaging is a non-invasive, image acquisition and processing system for monitoring breast tissue changes without any radiation that can be used at various levels like screening, diagnosis, therapy validation, etc. Integrated with a high resolution IR camera, inbuilt temperature control and monitoring system, illumina 360° produces detailed clinical images that are essential for your diagnostic needs.

Fluid Aspiration
Aspiration brings short-term benefits for patients with traumatic conditions. Fluid aspirations can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. ASPI-fs, a Simple Peristaltic Instrument- fast and safe” support in automated sequential infusion of double contrast agents. Our innovation is in the design of dual chamber that allows delivery of agents in a controlled manner. It hardly requires any manual intervention during radiographic procedures and also ensures that Radiographic staff need not be in the X-ray imaging room thereby reducing any radiation worry to the staff.

Bone Mineral Densitometer (BMD)
With the aim to empower and support healthcare providers in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, CURA bring you Unigamma M, the Best-in- Class osteoporosis detection equipment. CURA join hands with I’ acn Italy which has been pioneering the DEXA technology for over 25 years and has installations across the world. Unigamma M is the all-purpose DEXA bone mineral densitometer. The small fan beam technology and the scalable architecture allow an optimal compromise between productivity and image quality, regardless of the patient load. Only the Unigamma family of DEXA systems combines the best of both worlds: multiple pencil beams and fan beam geometry.