Ultrasound Solutions to Enhance your Diagnostic Confidence
We offer a wide range of ultrasound imaging solutions for General Healthcare, Women’s Healthcare, Critical Care, Radiology, Cardiology and other applications like anesthesia delivery, pain management etc.

Fetal Heart Monitoring – Reliable Monitoring for Mothers & Fetus: 
We offer advanced fetal heart monitoring systems to monitor routine health of fetus and pregnant women to help avoid risks. Our solutions include integrated wireless transducer monitoring system and portable fetal monitoring systems.


Mammography – for predicting her health
We offer advanced, affordable,  digital and conventional mammography solutions that are designed with careful attention towards a woman’s health and safety with its outstanding low dose and accuracy in early detection.

illumina 3600 – Breast Cancer Cannot Hide Anymore:

CURA’S illumina 3600 is a unique, one of its kind in the world breast cancer early warning system. It is a powerful, safe, no-touch, no radiation, non-invasive Breast Thermography system to spot breast anomalies at tissue levels, before lumps can be formed in the body.

Bone Mineral Densitometer (BMD) – to beat Osteoporosis
Our Unigamma BMD system is an all-purpose DEXA system that fits your all bone health assessment needs and help you make bone health assessment affordable and accessible to all.

Diagnostic ECG – to enhance quality of Cardiac Care
Our advanced and affordable ECG monitoring systems and algorithms can ensure high speed workflow  and high productivity while enhancing quality of cardiac care.

Critical Care Devices – Transform and Streamline your Workflow
Our wide range of patient monitors and critical care solutions can help you gt the big picture of patient information and make informed decisions.